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Migos Dab Tour

Hey Everyone!

Ill start off by apologizing to the hardcore Bone fans that don’t care for this type of music. Please don’t behead me.

To everyone else that is interested in all TL activities….. here are a few updates.

Currently in NY on our day off from the Migos Dab Tour. The tour has been pretty good with sold out shows. Its a complete 180 degree turn from the usual crowds we see at Bone Thugs shows, but its been nice. Here are a few pics.

IMG_1585 IMG_1589 IMG_1591


Ive been in constant contact with Caine. He says the tour has been going well…… except for the cancelled show today. Im asking him to post a blog entry when the tour is done so he can tell everyone about the experience and overall feel of the tour (from what he can remember :) )…. So if you have him on any social medias tell him your are looking forward to his blog post. If you don’t have him on any social medias, feel free to add him @Caine216

-Art TL


Tour Life

Just finished up the Bone Thugs East Coast Tour. Now we are heading back to Boston tomorrow to finish up the Migos YRN2 Dab Tour.

I’ll be posting pictures from the tour through out the week. Also I will be uploading pictures I took with the film camera once I get them developed…… and ill ship some out to a few subscribers :)

DSC_0154-Edit DSC_0134-Edit DSC_0209-Edit

-Art TL